Question: At the end of the current year Jodi Corporation s controller

At the end of the current year, Jodi Corporation’s controller discovers the following items of information:
1. Salaries are paid every Friday for a 5-day work week. The normal weekly payroll is $40,000. The year-end falls on a Tuesday this year.
2. The company has a $20,000, 9-month, 12% (annual rate) note payable outstanding at the end of the year. The note was issued on October 1; the interest is due when the note is paid.
3. Examining the Rent Expense account, the controller finds that it includes a $4,800 advance payment for 3 months’ rent. The payment was made on November 1.
4. The storeroom contains $500 of office supplies. At the beginning of the year, there were no office supplies. During a year, the company purchased $3,500 of office supplies which were debited to the Office Supplies account.
5. The company received a large order in May with a $13,000 advance payment. The advance payment was credited to Unearned Revenue. In November, the order was delivered to the customer.
For each of the preceding items, indicate the effect on net income, assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity in the financial statements of the company for the year if the controller fails to make an adjusting entry for the item (ignore income taxes).

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