Question: At the end of the first three months of operation

At the end of the first three months of operation, Kubose Answering Service’s trial balance appears as follows. Dhaval Bose, Kubose’s owner, has hired an accountant to prepare financial statements to determine how well the company is doing after three months. Upon examining the accounting records, the accountant finds the following items of interest:
a. An inventory of office supplies reveals supplies on hand of $133.
b. The Prepaid Rent account includes the rent for the first three months plus a deposit for April’s rent.
c. Depreciation on the equipment for the first three months is $208.
d. The balance of the Unearned Answering Service Revenue account represents a 12-month service contract paid in advance on February 1.
e. On March 31, accrued wages total $80.

All adjustments affect one balance sheet account and one income statement account. For each of these situations, show the accounts affected, the amount of the adjustment (using a + or – to indicate an increase or decrease), and the balance of the account after the adjustment in the followingformat:
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