Question: At this writing in 2013 the National Collegiate Athletic Association

At this writing in 2013, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the primary governing body for college athletics, is in the midst of a heated debate about proposals for deregulating NCAA oversight practices. A primary area of concern involves the detailed set of rules currently governing the recruiting of high school athletes. The NCAA proposes reducing those rules by, for example, allowing schools to make an unrestricted number of phone calls and texts to recruits, allowing any staff member (not just coaches) to contact recruits and permitting schools to send unlimited print material to recruits.
Many coaches oppose the changes. Northwestern University head football coach Pat Fitzgerald actually favored greater regulation:
The term that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck is “deregulate.” The question we should be asking is how can we re-regulate, get up to the 21st century and make best practices in recruiting for all those involved.
a. How do you think college football programs’ recruiting practices would change in response to the proposed changes noted above?
b. Broadly, do you think NCAA rules governing sports recruiting should be deregulated or “re-regulated” be deregulated or “re-regulated” toward best practices, as suggested by Coach Fitzgerald?
c. In raising children of high school age, would you favor a parental approach involving heavy reliance on rules, or would you prefer a more deregulated, free-market approach? Explain.

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