Question: Attorney Barney Fifield specializes in embezzlement cases He is dedicated

Attorney Barney Fifield specializes in embezzlement cases. He is dedicated and determined to win every case he takes on, which he usually does. In his efforts to defend clients, he pushes his team hard. While he is slow to provide information, he expects quick turn-around from his staff as well as consultants and experts hired to assist the defense team. Fifield's clients are wealthy and pay premium fees to obtain his services. Fifield demands up- front payment from his clients, but his normal practice is to pay consultants and experts more than 90 days after a case is completed. He defends this decision by stating, ā€œExperts who work with me win cases. This provides them with an excellent reference and reputation for attracting additional clients.ā€ Fifield has approached you to provide expert witness services for a new case.
a. What factors should you consider in deciding whether to accept this engagement?
b. Will you take the case? Explain why or why not.

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