Question: Audrey Inc has 1 million common shares outstanding as at

Audrey Inc. has 1 million common shares outstanding as at January 1, 2011. On June 30, 2011, 4% convertible bonds were converted into 100,000 additional shares. Up to that point, the bonds had paid interest of $250,000 after tax. Net income for the year was $1,298,678. During the year, the company issued the following:
1. June 30: 10,000 call options giving holders the right to purchase shares of the company for $30
2. Sept. 30: 15,000 put options allowing holders to sell shares of the company for $25
On February 1, Audrey also purchased in the open market 10,000 call options on its own shares, allowing it to purchase its own shares for $27. Assume the average market price for the shares during the year was $35.
(a) Calculate the required EPS numbers under IFRS. For simplicity, ignore the impact that would result from the convertible debt being a hybrid security.
(b) Show the required presentations on the face of the income statement.

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