Question: Autoplus International is a publicly traded company that manufactures and

Autoplus International is a publicly traded company that manufactures and distributes a number of products for use within the automobile industry. Major products are categorized as follows:
A. Automobile collision repair equipment
B. Automobile battery and starter parts
C. Automobile seating and safety belts
D. Automobile paints and trims parts
E. Automobile tire retreading equipment
F. Miscellaneous automobile products
The chief operating decision maker for the entity uses information organized by product groups for purposes of evaluating performance and allocating resources. Current-year intersegment transactions can be summarized as follows:
For the current year ended December 31, amounts allocated to the segments are as follows:
The products of the entity are sold throughout the world. The percentage of revenues from external customers (excluding corporate revenues) and long-lived assets (including corporate assets) traceable to various geographic areas are as follows:
1. Determine which of the segments are considered to be reportable and whether the guidelines regarding the number of reportable segments have been satisfied.
2. Given the available information, prepare all of the necessary schedules and disclosures regarding the entity’s segments, geographical areas, and reconciliations to consolidated amounts.

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