Avis Rent A Car maintains a fleet of low mileage cars for its customer base. Suppose that Avis would like to promote the fact that its cars have a lower average mileage than that of its competitors in an advertising campaign. To support this claim, Avis has collected the following mileage data from a random sample of rental cars from its own fleet and the fleets of three competitors. Hint: To help make the calculations more manageable, consider converting the mileage into thousands of miles (for example, 13,100 = 13.1). These data can also be found in the Excel file Avis. xlsx.
a. Using α = 0.05, determine if there is a difference in the average mileage between these four companies.
b. Using α = 0.05, determine if there is evidence to support the claim made by Avis.
c. Verify your results with Excel or PHStat.

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