Question: Axel Corporation acquires 100 of the stock of Wheal Company

Axel Corporation acquires 100% of the stock of Wheal Company on December 31, Year 4. The following information pertains to Wheal Company on the date of acquisition:

Axel Corporation issues $110,000 par value ($350,000 market value on December 31, Year 4) of its own stock to the shareholders of Wheal Company to consummate the transaction, and Wheal Company becomes a wholly owned, consolidated subsidiary of Axel Corporation.

a. Prepare journal entries for Axel Corp. to record the acquisition of Wheal Company stock assuming purchase accounting.
b. Prepare the worksheet entries for Axel Corp. to eliminate the investment in Wheal Company stock in preparation for a consolidated balance sheet at December 31, Year 4, assuming
(1) Pooling accounting
(2) Purchase accounting.
c. Calculate consolidated retained earnings at December 31, Year 4 (Axel's retained earnings at this date are $150,000), assuming:
(1) Axel Corp. uses the pooling method for this business combination.
(2) Axel Corp. uses the purchase method for acquisition of WhealCompany.
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