Question: Azteca which operates a chain of restaurants employed Sanchez from

Azteca, which operates a chain of restaurants, employed Sanchez from October 1991 to July 1995. Throughout his tenure at Azteca, Sanchez was subjected to a relentless campaign of insults, name-calling, and vulgarities. Male co-workers and a supervisor repeatedly referred to Sanchez in Spanish and English as "she" and "her." Male coworkers mocked Sanchez for walking and carrying his serving tray "like a woman," and taunted him in Spanish and English as, among other things, a "faggot" and a "f−−− female whore." The remarks were not stray or isolated. This conduct violated company policy. Since 1989, Azteca has expressly prohibited sexual harassment and retaliation and has directed its employees to bring complaints regarding such conduct directly to the attention of the corporate office. It also has sexual harassment training programs, in English and in Spanish. Although Sanchez attended Azteca's sexual harassment training and was familiar with the company's antiharassment policy and procedures, he never complained to the corporate EEO officer or the area manager about the harassment he experienced, as required by the corporate policy. He did, however, complain to the general manager of the Southcenter restaurant and an assistant manager as well as to Azteca's human resources director. Was this a case of sexual harassment?

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