Question: B S International Ltd BSI makes costume jewelry JMAM LLC

B. S. International, Ltd. (BSI), makes costume jewelry. JMAM, LLC, is a wholesaler of costume ­jewelry. JMAM sent BSI a letter with the terms for orders, including the necessary procedure for obtaining credit for items that customers rejected. The letter stated, “By signing below, you agree to the terms.” Steven Baracsi, BSI’s owner, signed the letter and returned it. For six years, BSI made jewelry for JMAM, which resold it. Items rejected by customers were sent back to JMAM, but were never returned to BSI. BSI filed a suit against JMAM, claiming $ 41,294.21 for the unreturned items. BSI showed the court a copy of JMAM’s terms. Across the bottom had been typed a “PS” requiring the return of rejected merchandise. Was this “PS” part of the contract? Discuss.

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