Babies born extremely prematurely run the risk of various neurological problems and tend to have lower IQ and verbal ability scores than babies that are not premature. The article “Premature Babies May Recover Intelligence, Study Says” (San Luis Obispo Tribune, February 12, 2003) summarized the results of medical research that suggests that the deficit observed at an early age may decrease as children age. Children who were born prematurely were given a test of verbal ability at age 3 and again at age 8. The test is scaled so that a score of 100 would be average for a normal-birth-weight child. Data that are consistent with summary quantities given in the paper for 50 children who were born prematurely were used to generate the accompanying Minitab output, where Age3 represents the verbal ability score at age 3 and Age8 represents the verbal ability score at age 8. Use the Minitab output to carry out a test to determine if there is evidence that the mean verbal ability score for children born prematurely increases between age 3 and age 8. You may assume that it is reasonable to regard the sample of 50 children as a random sample from the population of all children born prematurely.

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