Question: Bailey s Billiards sold a pool table to Sheri Sipka on

Bailey’s Billiards sold a pool table to Sheri Sipka on October 31, 2012. The terms of the sale are no money down and payments of $ 50 per month for 30 months, with the first payment due on November 30, 2012. The table they sold to Sipka cost Bailey’s $ 800, and Bailey uses a perpetual inventory system. Bailey’s uses an interest rate of 12 percent compounded monthly (1 percent per month).
Round answers to two decimal places.
1. Prepare the cash flow diagram for this sale.
2. Calculate the amount of revenue Bailey’s should record on October 31, 2012.
3. Prepare the journal entry to record the sale on October 31. Assume that Bailey’s records cost of goods sold at the time of the sale (perpetual inventory accounting).
4. Determine how much interest income Bailey’s will record from October 31, 2012, through December 31, 2012.
5. Determine how much Bailey’s 2012 income before taxes increased by this sale.

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