Balsum Corporation is engaged primarily in the business of manufacturing raincoats. Shown below are selected information from a recent annual report. (Dollar amounts are stated in thousands.)

The company has long-term liabilities that bear interest at annual rates ranging from 8 percent to 12 percent.
a. Compute the company’s current ratio at
(1) The beginning of the year and
(2) The end of the year. (Carry to two decimal places.)
b. Compute the company’s working capital at
(1) The beginning of the year and
(2) The end of the year. (Express dollar amounts in thousands.)
c. Is the company’s short-term debt-paying ability improving or deteriorating?
d. Compute the company’s
(1) Return on average total assets and
(2) Return on average stockholders’ equity. (Round average assets and average equity to the nearest dollar and final computations to the nearest 1 percent.)
e. As an equity investor, do you think that Balsum’s management is utilizing the company’s resources in a reasonably efficient manner?Explain.

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