Question: Banks provide checking account services accept savings deposits and lend

Banks provide checking account services, accept savings deposits, and lend to borrowers. In other words, they are in the money business. We all have heard stories of banks or their partner firms “misplacing” or “losing” bags of money. Lending rates are also subject to change periodically. Both of these situations can produce ethical dilemmas or decisions. How would you react to the following scenarios?
a. You are walking down the street and see a large money bag with “First National Bank” printed on it. The bag is sitting on the sidewalk in front of a local office of First National Bank. You are considering whether to pick up the bag, check its contents, and then try to find the owner. Alternatively, you could pick up the money bag and take it to the local police station or return it directly to the bank itself. What would you do?
b. You are a loan officer of First National Bank. The owner of a small business has come into the bank today and is requesting an immediate $100,000 loan for which she has appropriate collateral. You also know that the bank is going to reduce its lending interest rate to small businesses next week. You could make the loan now or inform the small business owner that she could get a lower rate if the loan request is delayed. What would you do?

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