Question: Barry McGuire wants to purchase a dry cleaning establishment Barry has

Barry McGuire wants to purchase a dry-cleaning establishment. Barry has heard of the SWOT analysis and wants to use this methodology to determine whether he should purchase the business. He found the following information: The dry cleaner is located in a busy shopping center and currently does all the cleaning on the premises. It has three commercial accounts that comprise 20 percent of its business. The population in the local area is growing by approximately 6 percent per year. Located across the street in another shopping center is a price-cutting dry cleaner that advertises heavily in the local area. With the exception of this shopping center and the property across the street, all property in this area is zoned residential. Most of the residents in this area are professional people who wear suits to work. The shop has an assumable lease, and the lease has a fixed rental fee for the next five years. Barry has had five years of experience in the dry-cleaning business, and would run the shop full time. Based on this information, perform a SWOT analysis.

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