Baseball teams win and lose games Many fans believe that
Baseball teams win and lose games. Many fans believe that a team’s earned run average (ERA) has a major effect on that team’s winning.During the 2008 season, the 30 Major League Baseball teams recorded the following numbers of wins while generating these earned run averages:
a. What do you think—do the teams with the better ERAs have the most wins? (The lower the ERA, the fewer earned runs the other team scored.)
b. If this is true, what will the pattern on the scatter diagram look like? Be specific.
c. Construct a scatter diagram of these data.
d. Does the scatter diagram suggest that teams tend to win more games when their team ERA is lower? Explain how or how not.
e. Calculate the equation for the line of best fit using ERA for x and number of wins for y.
f. On the average, how is the number of wins affected by an increase of 1 in the ERA? Explain how you determined this number.
g. Do your findings seem to support the idea that teams with better ERAs have the most wins? Justify your response.
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