Question: Based in Boston Massachusetts Feeley Driscoll is a full

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Feeley & Driscoll is a full- service consulting and forensic accounting firm. Its services range from determining contract damages to overseeing fraud examination. Its forensic accountants are experts at finding even the cleverest trails of fraudulent financial data and then providing the hard numbers needed to prove a case of fraud. The forensic accountants look beyond the numbers to analyze and reveal all relevant aspects of the situation.
Feeley & Driscoll has extensive experience in information technology for consulting audits and assessments. It also delivers complete data analysis of electronic business records and files, including e- mails, financial spreadsheets, hard drives, and tape backups.
Assume that you are a business owner concerned about preventing fraud. Explain how hiring a firm specializing in forensic accounting such as Feeley & Driscoll can help you stop fraud from occurring.

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