Question: Based on 107 students scores on the first examination in

Based on 107 students’ scores on the first examination in a course on business statistics, the following model was estimated by least squares:
y` = student’s actual score on the examination
x1 = student’s expected score on the examination
x2 = hours per week spent working on the course
x3 = student’s grade point average
The numbers in parentheses under the coefficients are the estimated coefficient standard errors.
a. Interpret the estimate of β1.
b. Find and interpret a 95% confidence interval for β2.
c. Test, against a two-sided alternative, the null hypothesis that β3 is 0, and interpret your result.
d. Interpret the coefficient of determination.
e. Test the null hypothesis that β1 = β1 = β3 = 0.
f. Find and interpret the coefficient of multiple correlation.
g. Predict the score of a student who expects a score of 80, works 8 hours per week on the course, and has a grade point average of 3.0.

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