Based on the following financial statements and information given below, compute the following for the year 2010:
a. The cash inflow from operations
b. The cash outflow from operations
c. The net operating cash flow (NOCF)
d. The net cash flow from investing activities
e. The net cash flow from financing activities
f. The total net cash flow
The firm is a distributor of video games for which you have the following information:
1. Prepaid expenses are prepaid rent and insurance premium
2. The company owes its employees (direct labor force) $4 million at the end of
2009 and $2 million at the end of 2010
3. The company paid in advance $10,800,000 of taxes on December 15, 2010
4. The company did not sell any fixed assets in 2010
5. The company did not issue or repurchase any new shares in 2010
6. The balance of long-term debt was $27 million at the end of 2009, of which
$4 million was paid in 2010
7. The company borrowed $6 million long term in 2010
8. The company owed $3 million in short-term debt to its bank at the end of
2009. A year later, it owed $5 million
9. The company paid $9,200,000 of dividends in 2010

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