Question: Based on the information in E8 4 prepare a statement

Based on the information in E8- 4, prepare a statement of changes in fiduciary fund net position and a statement of fiduciary fund net position for Seggen County for its fiscal year ending December 31, 2013. (Assume that Seggen County’s net position at the beginning of the year was zero.)
In E8- 4
Prepare the journal entries to record the following transactions in an Investment Trust Fund for Seggen County during the calendar year 2013.
1. Turtle Creek and Pineview contributed $ 60,000 and $ 40,000, respectively, to an Investment Trust Fund operated by Seggen County during 2013.
2. Investments totaling $ 75,000 were purchased.
3. Income from the investments during the year totaled $ 8,000.
4. The fund paid $ 1,500 to the county for investment management fees.
5. The investments increased in value by $ 3,000.
6. Income of $ 10,000 was paid to the two cities, based on the relative amount of their initial investment.

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