Batches of customer payments on account are processed manually in the cashier’s office. Clerks open the payments, separate the checks and the remittance advices, and prepare a batch control total (two copies) of the remittances. The checks are processed manually to prepare a deposit slip (two copies). Copy 1 of the deposit slip and the batch of checks are forwarded for deposit at the bank. Copy 2 of the deposit slip is verified with Copy 1 of the batch control total, attached to it, and then filed in the cashier’s office by date. Copy 2 of the batch control total is forwarded to the general ledger department. The remittance advices are forwarded to the accounts receivable department.
Clerks in the accounts receivable department manually post the remittance advices to the accounts receivable ledger. The remittance advices are then filed in the accounts receiv-able department by customer number.

Prepare an analytic flowchart of the previous procedures.

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