Because television audiences of newscasts tend to be older (and because older people suffer from a variety of medical ailments), pharmaceutical companies’ advertising often appears on national news on the three networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC). To determine how effective the ads are a survey was undertaken. Adults over 50 were asked about their primary sources of news. The responses are
1. ABC News
2. CBS News
3. NBC News
4. Newspapers
5. Radio
6. None of the above
Each person was also asked whether they suffer from heartburn, and if so, what remedy they take. The answers were recorded as follows:
1. Do not suffer from heartburn
2. Suffer from heartburn but take no remedy
3. Suffer from heartburn and take an over-the-counter remedy (e.g., Tums, Gavoscol)
4. Suffer from heartburn and take a prescription pill (e.g., Nexium)
Is there a relationship between an adult’s source of news and his or her heartburn condition?

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