Question: Beckett Corp is facing a decision of whether to purchase

Beckett Corp. is facing a decision of whether to purchase 40% of Kyla Corp.'s shares for Si.6 million cash, giving Beckett significant influence over the investee company, or 60% of Kyla's shares for $2 .4 million cash, making Kyla a subsidiary company. The book value of Kyla's net assets is $4 million (assets are $ 10 million and liabilities are $6 million). How will this investment affect Beckett's GAAP statement of financial position if Beckett acquires
(a) A 40% interest and
(b) A 60% interest, assuming Beckett applies !FRS? That is, for each of (a) and (b), indicate the immediate effect on Beckett's total assets, total liabilities, and shareholders' equity, assuming Beckett applies IFRS.

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