Becon Corporation’s controller has just finished preparing a consolidated balance sheet, income statement, and statement of changes in retained earnings for the year ended December 31, 20X4. Becon owns 60 percent of Handy Corporation’s stock, which it acquired at underlying book value on May 7, 20X1. At that date, the fair value of the noncontrolling interest was equal to 40 percent of Handy Corporation’s book value. You have been provided the following information:

Consolidated net income for 20X4 was $271,000.
Handy reported net income of $70,000 for 20X4.
Becon paid dividends of $25,000 in 20X4.
Handy paid dividends of $15,000 in 20X4.
Becon issued common stock on April 7, 20X4, for a total of $150,000.
Consolidated wages payable increased by $7,000 in 20X4.
Consolidated depreciation expense for the year was $21,000.
Consolidated accounts receivable decreased by $32,000 in 20X4.
Bonds payable of Becon with a book value of $204,000 were retired for $200,000 on December 31, 20X4.
Consolidated amortization expense on patents was $13,000 for 20X4.
Becon sold land that it had purchased for $142,000 to a nonaffiliate for $134,000 on June 10, 20X4.
Consolidated accounts payable decreased by $12,000 during 20X4.
Total purchases of equipment by Becon and Handy during 20X4 were $295,000.
Consolidated inventory increased by $16,000 during 20X4.
There were no intercompany transfers between Becon and Handy in 20X4 or prior years except for Handy's payment of dividends. Becon uses the indirect method in preparing its cash flow statement.

a. What amount of dividends was paid to the noncontrolling interest during 20X4?
b. What amount will be reported as net cash provided by operating activities for 20X4?
c. What amount will be reported as net cash used in investing activities for 20X4?
d. What amount will be reported as net cash used in financing activities for 20X4?
e. What was the change in cash balance for the consolidated entity for 20X4?

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