Before the 2003 Super Bowl ABC predicted that 22 of
Before the 2003 Super Bowl, ABC predicted that 22% of the Super Bowl audience would express an interest in seeing one of its forthcoming new television shows, including 8 Simple Rules, Are You Hot?, and Dragnet. ABC ran commercials for these television shows during the Super Bowl. The day after the Super Bowl, Intermediate Advertising Group of New York sampled 1532 viewers who saw the commercials and found that 414 said that they would watch one of the ABC advertised television shows (The Wall Street Journal, January 30, 2003).
a. What is the point estimate of the proportion of the audience that said they would watch the television shows after seeing the television commercials?
b. At α = .05, determine whether the intent to watch the ABC television shows significantly increased after seeing the television commercials. Formulate the appropriate hypotheses, compute the p-value, and state your conclusion.
c. Why are such studies valuable to companies and advertising firms?
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