Question: Below are 15 questions from a survey that was administered

Below are 15 questions from a survey that was administered to a sample of MBA students Answers were recorded on paper in the blank at the left of each question. For each question, state the data type (categorical, discrete numerical, or continuous numerical) and measurement level (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio). Explain your reasoning. If there is doubt, discuss the alternatives.
_____ Q1 What is your gender? (Male = 0, Female = 1)
_____ Q2 What is your approximate undergraduate college GPA? (1.0 to 4.0)
_____ Q3 About how many hours per week do you expect to work at an outside job this semester?
_____ Q4 What do you think is the ideal number of children for a married couple?
_____ Q5 On a 1 to 5 scale, which best describes your parents?
1 = Mother clearly dominant ↔ 5 = Father clearly dominant
_____ Q6 On a 1 to 5 scale, assess the current job market for your undergraduate major.
1 = Very bad ↔ 5 = Very good
_____ Q7 During the last month, how many times has your schedule been disrupted by car trouble?
_____ Q8 About how many years of college does the more-educated one of your parents have? (years)
_____ Q9 During the last year, how many traffic tickets (excluding parking) have you received?
_____ Q10 Which political orientation most nearly its you? (1 = Liberal, 2 = Middle-of-Road, 3 = Conservative)
_____ Q11 What is the age of the car you usually drive? (years)
_____ Q12 About how many times in the past year did you attend formal religious services?
_____ Q13 How often do you read a daily newspaper? (0 = Never, 1 = Occasionally, 2 = Regularly)
_____ Q14 Can you conduct simple transactions in a language other than English? (0 = No, 1 = Yes)
_____ Q15 How often do you exercise (aerobics, running, etc)? (0 = Not at All, 1 = Sometimes, 2 = Regularly

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