Below are listed various costs that are found in organizations
Below are listed various costs that are found in organizations.
1. Hamburger buns in a Wendy’s outlet.
2. Advertising by a dental office.
3. Apples processed and canned by Del Monte.
4. Shipping canned apples from a Del Monte plant to customers.
5. Insurance on a Bausch & Lomb factory producing contact lenses.
6. Insurance on IBM’s corporate head quarters.
7. Salary of a supervisor overseeing production of printers Hewlett-Packard.
8. Commissions paid to Encyclopedia Britannica salespersons.
9. Depreciation of factory lunchroom facilities at a General Electric plant.
10. Steering wheels installed in BMWs.
Classify each cost as being either variable or fixed with respect to the number of units produced and sold. Also classify each cost as either a selling and administrative cost or a product cost. Prepare your answer sheet as shown below. Place an X in the appropriate columns to show the proper classification of each cost.
Cost Item
Cost Behavior
Variable FixedSelling and
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