Below are three different pairs of bonds and their recent yields. Pick one pair and initiate a thread in the forum where 1) using the textbook plus other reference material you will explain the primary factors that contribute to making the yields of the two bonds differ. While there may be a single factor, there will be multiple underlying causes for that factor. 2) State which of the two bonds you would buy if you had to buy one of them and why.
Bond pairs:
1. Germany 10 year bond yielding 1.57% (Bloomberg: GBDR10) Vs. Germany 30 year bond yielding 2.4% (Bloomberg: GBDR30).
2. US 10 year treasury bond yielding 1.96% (Bloomberg: USGG10) Vs. US 10 year inflation indexed treasury bond yielding -0.578 (See:
3. France 10 year bond yielding 2.23% (Bloomberg:”GFRN10”) Vs. Greece 10 year bond yielding 11.07% (Bloomberg: GGGB10).

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