Question: Below are three scenarios For each indicate how the researcher

Below are three scenarios. For each, indicate how the researcher should proceed with the following, giving reasons:
a. The purpose of the study
b. The type of investigation
c. The extent of researcher interference
d. The study setting
e. The time horizon for the study
f. The unit of analysis.
a. Ms. Joyce Lynn, the owner of a small business (a woman’s dress boutique), has invited a consultant to tell her how she is different from similar small business within a 60-mile radius, in regard to her usage of the most modern computer technology, sales volume, profit margin, and staff training.
b. Mr. Paul Hodge, the owner of several restaurants is concerned about the wide differences in the profit margins of the various restaurants. He would like to try some incentive plans for increasing the efficiency levels of those restaurants that are lagging behind. But, before he introduces this, he would like to be sure that the idea will work. He asks a researcher to help him on this issue.
c. A manager is intrigued why some people seem to derive joy from work and get energized by it, while others find it troublesome and frustrating.

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