Below is a list of accounts and final balances for
Below is a list of accounts and final balances for Quiet Company as of December 31, 2009.
Common Stock=$225,000
Long term notes Receivables=$85,000
Bonds Payable=$120,000
Discount on bonds payable=$45,000
Preferred Stock Subscribed=$60,000
Additional Paid in Capital Common Stock=$850,000
Additional Paid in Capital Preferred Stock=$20,000
Common Stock Subscribed=$120,000
Investments in Debt Securities=$45,000
Donated Capital=$63,000
Preferred Stock=$100,000
Dividends on Common Stock=$23,000
Dividends on Preferred Stock=$15,000
Treasury Stock=$50,000
Retained earnings=$200,000
Common Stock has a par value of $5 per share. There are 60,000 shares authorized by the company and 45,000 shares issued and outstanding and 4,000 shares subscribed at $30 a share. Preferred stock is 5% non-cumulative has a par value of $10 a share. 15,000 shares have been authorized and 10,000 are issued and outstanding. 1000 shares have been prescribed at $60 a share.

Prepare the statement of stockholders Equity in proper format in a Word document.

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