Question: Below is a table of assembly times in hours for

Below is a table of assembly times (in hours) for 35 wind turbine blades produced in WindPower’s Secaucus, New Jersey assembly plant during the past two weeks.
a. Show the times in a grouped data frequency table, using the intervals 12 hours to under 14 hours, 14 hours to under 16 hours, 16 hours to under 18 hours, and so on.
b. Draw the histogram for the table that you pro-duced in part a.
c. Use the grouped data table to approximate the mean, the variance, and the standard deviation of the assembly times, and compare your results to the actual mean, variance and standard deviation of the raw data. (The mean of the raw data is 16.67; the variance is 7.5; the standard deviation is 2.74.)

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