Question: Benton Industries began the year with 15 000 units in department

Benton Industries began the year with 15,000 units in department 3 beginning WIP. These units were one-third complete, with $40,470 transferred-in cost for prior departments’ work and $14,322 for department 3 conversion costs. During the year, 93,000 additional units were transferred into department 3 from department 2 at a cost of $224,130. Department 3 incurred materials costs of $166,840 and conversion costs of $315,228 during the year. Department 3 ended the year with 11,000 units in WIP ending. These units were 40% complete.

Determine the cost of goods completed and the cost of ending WIP in department 3 using FIFO process costing. Assume that conversion costs are incurred evenly and materials are added in department 3 when units are 60% complete.

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