Question: Bernice Paset a customer of the Old Orchard Bank found

Bernice Paset, a customer of the Old Orchard Bank, found $6,325 in currency on the seat of a chair in an examination booth in the bank's safety-deposit vault. The chair was partially under a table. Paset notified officers of the bank and turned the money over to them. She was told by bank officials that the bank would try to locate the owner and that she could have the money if the owner was not located within one year. The bank wrote to everyone who had been in the safety-deposit vault either on the day of, or on the day preceding, the discovery. The bank's letter stated that some property had been found and invited the customers to describe any property they might have lost. No one reported the loss of any currency. The money remained unclaimed a year after it had been found. The bank refused to deliver the money to Paset, contending that it was mislaid, not lost, property and that it had a better right to it. Was the money mislaid property?

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