Question: Best Drugs is a distributor of pharmaceutical products Its ABC

Best Drugs is a distributor of pharmaceutical products. Its ABC system has five activities:
Activity Area Cost Driver Rate in 2013
1. Order processing ......... $ 42 per order
2. Line-item ordering ........ $ 5 per line item
3. Store deliveries ........... $ 47 per store delivery
4. Carton deliveries ......... $ 4 per carton
5. Shelf-stocking ........... $ 13 per stocking-hour
Rick Flair, the controller of Best Drugs, wants to use this ABC system to examine individual customer profit-ability within each distribution market. He focuses first on the Ma and Pa single-store distribution market. Using only two customers helps highlight the insights available with the ABC approach. Data pertaining to these two customers in August 2013 are as follows:

1. Use the ABC information to compute the operating income of each customer in August 2013. Comment on the results and what, if anything, Flair should do.
2. Flair ranks the individual customers in the Ma and Pa single-store distribution market on the basis of monthly operating income. The cumulative operating income of the top 20% of customers is $ 58,120. Best Drugs reports operating losses of $ 23,670 for the bottom 40% of its customers. Make four recommendations that you think Best Drugs should consider in light of this new customer-profitability information.

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