Question: Big Bertram uses the just in time method to manufacture golf clubs

Big Bertram uses the just-in-time method to manufacture golf clubs. The manufacturing schedule for the clubs is developed as customers place orders. Each club is made within a cell where five workers have production stations. The raw materials are delivered to the cell as needed.
Each worker in the cell performs one step in the manufacturing process and then inspects the club before giving it to the next person. When a club is finished, it is set on a finished goods rack, which is sent to the packaging department at regular intervals.

A. What do we call a manufacturing system such as the one used by Big Bertram?
B. Describe general advantages of this type of system.
C. The supplier that manufactures the weights that are inserted in each club head would like to monitor Big Bertram’s inventory levels through the Internet so that its new software program could release deliveries at appropriate times. List qualitative factors that might affect Big Bertram’s decision about this proposal.

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