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App Designing: The Next Ticket to Become a Millionaire
Jason Sturidge on July 20, 2016 - 11:37 am in Tips for Freelancers

Woah! Snapchat creator, Evan Spiegel, just won the big lottery, and I’m not talking about the money. He has recently gotten engaged to supermodel Miranda Kerr and is certainly living the high life. So what turns these young app designers into tycoons? What’s the reason behind earning millions by simply creating an app that has absolutely no beneficial effect on our lives?

Apps are Free

The best thing about apps, whether they are available in androids or app stores, is that users can download them within seconds and not have to pay a penny. By providing such convenience to customers, it would be obvious that millions would use it, no matter how pointless it is. Though free to install, apps offer in app purchases as well as upgraded versions that can be installed by spending a tiny sum of money. These purchases go right into the pockets of its creators.

People can Solve Problems by Just the Touch of Their Screen

Although several apps are just created for the amusement of its users, there are many that have actually made the lives of people, especially students, way simpler. For instance, there are apps that have been created for the purpose identifying the best locations where college students can get second hand course books easily. Many apps also provide carpooling services, which really come in handy for students who face conveyance issues. The Microsoft Office app lets you make quick documents, power point presentations, and pie charts all through your Smartphone. With such endless services, many computer softwares and electronic devices can be replaced all with just one app.

Knowing What to Launch, and When to Launch it

When it comes to introducing a new app, some people are just lucky enough to know what is the “must have” for the time being and are sure that millions will be stoked to push that install button once they’ve created something to their liking. If the app goes viral, then this means that the app designer has reached that pot of gold found at the end of the rainbow. Although it is challenging to attract a large audience when it comes to make your own app, you still have the potential to earn a handsome amount once the app gets trendy.

So from coming up with your own emoji to building an app that can become a worldwide phenomenon within days, you too can live the life of celebrity right after you graduate!

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App Designing: The Next Ticket to Become a Millionaire
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