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Jason Sturidge on October 9, 2015 - 10:52 am in Client Corner

So, as a young adult I have been “gifted” with a bank balance that is not pretty. Finances are a problem and the chances of getting a solid well-paying job is virtually impossible. As a result, I was left with few options; I can sit and do nothing or I can start my own business.  I chose the second option. I decided to start up a small mobile app development company. However, as with all startups, funds were in short supply and I realized three things:

  1. Nobody likes a “nobody” or an unprofessional looking startup. What does this mean? If your startup doesn’t look professional then people aren’t interested.
  2. I didn’t have the money required to hire a big corporate company to do my startup’s branding or help with graphic design needed to develop my mobile apps.
  3. I can’t do everything by myself. I need help,

With all this being said, what options did I have? I could just close down my new startup and give up before I’d even started, or I could look for an alternative solution to my problems, which is exactly what I did. I fired up Google and started looking for a solution. I read different articles. All the articles that made sense and had any credibility pointed to the same solution – use freelancers. It was as simple as that.

So how does this relate to the title? As I mentioned in the above paragraph, I stumbled upon a common thread in all the articles I read. What a simple solution – use Freelance Graphic Designers. I decided to try and see what the outcome would be. I went to solutioninn.com and posted an advert hoping I would find a freelancer who could help me. Within the first day, I got more replies from different freelancers than corporate companies in my local area. It felt great to know that the help was out there, and at the fraction of the price. By now, most people are probably thinking that the work done by the freelancers I hired was sub-standard and I would be better off using big corporate companies. This is where I say you are wrong; the work was excellent. The freelancers provided awesome designs for my programs and great creative characters for my games and stories. I was able to, with the help of these freelancers, create a professional and presentable portfolio and business, which has allowed me to excel and grow.

How is this possible? Surely all the best Graphic Designers are employed my big companies? Well… no. Some of the best Graphic Designers are young and creative people that don’t fit into the corporate mold. They work as freelancers and when you employ them you are paying them directly. You aren’t paying for their employer’s expenses. Their turnaround time is quick, so they can move onto the next job. I also found that, because they weren’t restricted by normal corporate hours, I could speak to them at any time of the day. This made communications really easy. I also didn’t have to worry about the quality of work done. Freelancers are dependent on word of mouth and good reviews, otherwise they might not get any more work. So the quality was much better than a corporate company would have provided. The question that you might be asking is, now that I have more money would I ever go back and hire a big corporate company? No, I wouldn’t, why waste money when the best graphic designers in the business are actually freelancers?

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