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Day Dreaming - The Best Ingredient for Innovation
Jason Sturidge on July 24, 2016 - 6:20 am in Tips for Freelancers

Have you ever been so drifted into your thoughts that you get distracted from what you were currently doing. How many times were you in a situation where you had to sit for hours wondering what the world would be like if you had the power to change it? The mind is an eternal vessel filled with endless possibilities. Do you realize how most of these ideas popping into your head can actually solve the biggest issues that the world may be facing? You daydream when you find an idea to be appealing and choose to hold on to it a little bit longer.

The sky’s the limit!

There have been many times when people who are now known globally, came up with ideas that would’ve seemed to be absurd to society that their final invention ceased to exist. For example, Leonardo Da, who’d, invented the idea of flying from one place to another like a bird. Hence, this goes to show that no matter how illogical or irrational the thought is, if you stick to it long enough, you can do wonders.

Eccentricity Leads to Innovation

You’re probably aware of the fact that the most creative people have managed to make their way to the top by introducing the most unimaginable creations ever. And these creations have done wonders in the life of a human being. For e.g., someone raised the question that how to translate signs used by mute people for the whole world to understand. Thus, by this vision, it was successfully managed to invent a device that did the same miracle, which was once just an idea.

Obstacles Can Be Useful for Ideas


When we are intervened with certain obstacles and challenges in our lives, our mind comes up with countless scenarios that could tackle the situation.  Let’s suppose a kid bought his favorite ice cream cone, but to his bad luck, dropped it by accident. By that situation, he’d wonder what it would be like if he could enter into a time machine and rewind the unfortunate event. Similarly, the concept regenerating skin came into the light when doctors wondered if there was a way to treat fire victims and recover them back to their normal state.


Day dreaming allows us to temporarily escape from the worrisome thoughts that our mind is occupied in 24/7, but it also lets our imagination run wild and to the extent that we can actually find useful ideas.

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Day Dreaming – The Best Ingredient for Innovation
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