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Emily Stone on October 1, 2015 - 9:16 am in Hiring Talent

Do you know how many people are using Android devices around the world? You might be surprised at the answer but the worldwide shipment of smartphones packing Android exceeded 1 billion for the first time ever last year. And even though you might have an iPhone or an iPad yourself, it is good to keep in mind that Android also claimed 81.5% of the global smart phone OS market, while IOS dipped to 14.8% in 2014. All of this means that you simply cannot overlook the fact that the vast majority of your potential clients might be using Android devices and applications. Android users can currently chose from 1.6 million apps from the Google Play Store and with a good business strategy yours could easily become one of them.

As you can see Google Play Store offers a great variety of applications for all Android devices, so your clients will have many offers to choose from. You might even be shocked to find out that the cumulative number of apps downloaded from the Play Store actually amounts to 50 billion. Yes, that is seven times the entire population of planet Earth, so statistically speaking, in average that would mean that everyone in the world, from newborn babies to the elderly has already downloaded seven Android applications in their lives. That is certainly a spectacular sum but let’s see how you can become a part of all that and not just a bystander but a successful actor.

Among all apps the share of paid Android apps in Google Play Store is 31.2% which means that one in every three customer will go for an option to pay for an app instead of using a free one when they think their small investment is worth the price. Clearly, there is great potential to make profit for app developers on the Android market. The Play Store is an extremely competitive market, so remember that there are hundreds of apps focusing on the same topic: no matter what you do, you’ll need some outstanding features to make your product attractive.

Originality is the key to the success of your app, which means that coming up with a new and unique idea is always the first important step. Once you have the idea itself you should check for other applications in the Play Store with similar features. Exploring already existing solutions will not only help you to orient your own product on the market, it will also provide you with more useful ideas that you can potentially integrate into your own project.

By now you know that Android apps can be used to make a vast array of services easily available and manageable but you will have to stand out of the crowd to be noticed. You can use apps for catering, transportation, workouts, office tasks, gaming, health monitoring or basically anything you can desire. This means that functionality is only one important aspect of an Android app: you will also need a sophisticated design that will grab the attention of potential buyers. Professional app developers can supply you with the layout to do that, and don’t forget that the success of your own application depends not only on the services you have to offer but on the proficiency and design of the app as well.

By now you are most likely convinced that Android apps have the potential to make your ideas noticed and your business more profitable, so Don’t wait get your android app designed from an experienced freelancer now. 

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Design you own Android app to get worldwide attention!
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