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Freelance Writing; A Pleasant Hobby and A Profitable Profession
Jason Sturidge on July 5, 2016 - 12:33 pm in Tips for Freelancers

As a writer and a research analyst, it seems surprising how often my thoughts seem to trail away from the task that I’m assigned to do. While sitting in the office, I wonder what mischievous hustles my cats are up to back home, or whether or not I had left the tap water running, or even the next episode of my favorite TV show that I promised myself to watch after I return from work. Besides, at home I wonder about the upcoming work my boss would appoint to me, also prepare myself to come up with an excuse if I don’t show up on time. Surely by working at home, I could beat two birds with one stone. Freelancing would be an idealistic profession for someone who prefers to think of his or her job more of a paid hobby than work. As a freelance writer you can work for various publishing companies at home in your own chair, couch or even bed. There are certain times when you want to bring your laptop outdoors where the atmosphere inspire you with more ideas and adds up more life to your work as the scenic beauty of the outside world works like a charm in enriching the creative minds of writers. As a freelance writer, you can become more flexible in time management; you can divide your leisure time and your working hours fairly with ease. So if you’re a writing fanatic yet a wanderer who can’t seem to enjoy working in confined workplaces, then freelancing is the right job for you. There are numerous online websites that encourage freelancers to show them their writing skills and win opportunities for having a professional stay at home career and earn equivalent or more than the person who works in an office! Freelance writers also gain the upper hand of not having to be submissive to anyone, as they’re their own boss. So as a freelance writer, you can just forget about stressing over why your manager appreciates your coworker instead of you, or whether or not you’ve shown up in the office in appropriate attire. Another perk of choosing freelance writing as a professional career is that you get paid on the basis of the quality of work you submit, not by your attendance. Nonetheless, turning this mind enriching hobby into a professional career can provide you the freedom to choose the topics you wish to write on, leaving you to an endless array of exciting subjects. The more your interest is on a particular topic, the better ideas you’d administer into your work, thus making the clients happy and sending you bigger paychecks!

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Freelance Writing; A Pleasant Hobby and A Profitable Profession
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