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Global Warming, a Myth or Reality
Jason Sturidge on July 21, 2016 - 10:31 am in Tips for Freelancers

The term global warming is coined to illustrate the elevation in temperature of world’s atmosphere. It is stated that these climatic changes will become everlasting in future. The contradicting views regarding global warming is getting more vocal day-by-day. Some people declare it as a hoax or money-making strategy schemed by AI Gore, whereas, others consider it as a naked truth. This dispute forces us to discuss the elements that successfully validate global warming as a universal fact:

Variation in climate

The change in climate around the globe has always been visible in all geologic times. This can be explained by giving an example of Medieval Warm Period supervened by Little Ice Age Period. Both the periods display the drastic divergence of earth’s climate.

Carbon dioxide making it More Crucial to Survive

The accelerated levels of carbon dioxide ring the alarm bells for human. Since the industrial territory is emerging with a hype, it is concluded that the carbon dioxide is increasing 120 parts per million. The crux of the matter is, the more emission of carbon dioxide from oceans and earth surfaces more will be the global warming.

History is the Evidence

After spotlighting on the previous records, many skeptics came up with a conclusion that global warming is a gospel truth. If we take history into account, we can observe that since 1880, the overall temperature has hiked up to 1.4 Fahrenheit degrees. Moreover, it was recorded that two decades of 20th century were proved to be the hottest in last four hundred years.

Even the Ice is Sweating

The melting of humongous icebergs indicates that the temperature is changing drastically even in the northern parts of the world. Skeptics have enumerated that Montana National Glacier Park are left with only 25 glaciers in reverse of 150. The rapid liquefying of ice proves to be the calm storm before the storm.

Frequent Calamities

The occurrence of natural calamities in quick succession is becoming a threat to the world. In the past few years, a number of forest fires have been experienced that indicates the excessive rise in temperature. These forest fires contribute in accelerating the extent of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that further promotes global warming. Other catastrophes like; heat waves and tropical storms signify the dramatic change in climate.

Agony of Living Creatures

Considering former years, 150,000 lethalities have been occurred due to the heat strokes. Moreover, more than 1 million species faced extinction from their habitats. The species are finding it difficult to select an adequate habitat for them. Additionally, acidic water restricts them to reside near oceans.

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