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Gorilla Glass - The Ping Kong Feature
Jason Sturidge on July 27, 2016 - 9:35 am in Uncategorized

How many times have you had the case of the butter fingers and dropped your phone? You probably remember those silent prayers you made in your head, hoping that you hadn’t cracked the screen. Well good news as finally arrived for all of you clumsy people out there! Mobile phone has now updated to become as strong as a brick. If you are looking for a damage resistance to treat your mobile screens, watch out for the new technology of Gorilla Glasses. If you’re the kind of person who holds on to your phone for dear life, then the gorilla screen technology is just the thing for you. So how is this armor for all mobile screens worth your spending?

It’s ironic how an invention so unimaginable can solve the issues almost the entire world is facing today!  The popularity of this unbreakable screen glass has broken the limits of fame amongst its users. According to the survey of 2016, the gorilla glass has taken over the technological world up to 70%. Isn’t it amazing? The Corning gorilla glass technology is clinging onto the screens of 1.5 billion devices all around the globe. I predict that in upcoming ages the gorilla glass will be the most used screen technology to serve people with the toughest gadgets.

The most distant glass features will provide you both, performance and protection. The glass is manufactured under the standards of stringent test procedures that applies force to examine the toughness of the glass. Surprisingly, the glass was able to survive the pressure 4 times more than its competitors.

Either you are a flawless human being or you will drop your phone at least once in your life.

So what are you thinking for? Go grab the gadgets that are as tough as an old boot and enjoy damage-free gadgets.

The main ingredient to making this tough glass is molten salt infused with hot water. The water bath is heated up to 400 degrees Celsius. Talk about the hot talk of the town! This is to remove the sodium from glass and attach potassium from salt in exchange of it. As the size of potassium is comparatively larger than sodium, they make the layer of the glass stronger.

Now you can freely toss your phone to the side of your bed and not care if it bounces off and hits hard on the floor. Your phone will not have a single scratch if it’s all geared up!

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Gorilla Glass – The Ping Kong Feature
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