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How does Junk Food Affect the Study Routine of a Student
Jason Sturidge on July 19, 2016 - 8:45 am in Tips for Freelancers

Isn’t it just full of delight to stuff your face with a pastry oozing with chocolate or sinking your teeth into a cheesy slice of pizza? Usually when students are getting late for class, they hastily grab the nearest snack they can find in their kitchens and munch on it after they take off. Mostly, these snacks have low nutritious content but are high in sugar and carbohydrates that temporarily boost up one’s energy. Although junk food seems to act as a substance that can give students a spark that helps them to stay awake throughout a tedious session, but it certainly leads to many side effects. Besides, studies have confirmed that students who have a bad case of the “munchies” for junk food hardly lose their ability to focus and remain attentive for a prolonged period. Junk food can greatly affect the human body as well, when devouring a chunk of chocolate; we are left with a short rush of adrenaline that makes us believe that we can still make the most of it and save some time to do our homework. But what this substance actually does?

It temporarily boosts our energy and then soon leaves us feeling drained within a few hours, slowing our progress to finish up assignments with alarming deadlines. Now we all know why we sometimes can’t seem to fit into our jeans, besides, we are also unaware of the fact that junk food does not only make you gain weight, but it also put you in a state of self-consciousness that you look fat and makes you feel uncomfortable among your peers. Thus, this may affect one’s self-confidence and focus in studies or other activities.  By observing the mentioned factors, we ask ourselves – how do we convince students to avoid such obnoxious meals? A good way to counteract the craving for junk food with high carbohydrates is to switch low calories junk food, e.g. popcorn, crackers etc. They are light and contain anti toxins that can tackle all sorts of diseases in your system while you’re cranking up your brain to solve that one math problem. Students who simply can’t stand destroying their bond with chocolate can switch to dark chocolate, which although tastes bitter but beneficial for heart problems and all that. So before you consider a Hershey’s bar as your knight in shining armor that will cheer you on while you pull an all nighters for that big test, ask yourself a simple question; is it worth it?

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How does Junk Food Affect the Study Routine of a Student?
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