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Jason Sturidge on October 2, 2015 - 9:47 am in Client Corner

Sitting under one roof to accomplish a single organizational goal is obsolete now. Office politics and repetitious work environment are decreasing the level of productivity. Not long ago when I started my online business activity I thought about in-house workforce for a while, but decided against it. Idea was to set up an online apparel store. I had limited resources so going for an office space and hiring permanent workforce can create a mess. Why Fabmart has outsourced its several departments? This question was striking at my mind repeatedly and things becomes lot simple for me after reading some case studies of Fabmart. Hiring online experts was not a difficult task but finding the right talent to match company’s human resource requirement was edgy. One thing was clear in my mind that I cannot just sit back on the beach to wait for thousand dollars to come into my account. I have to work and set up a team of freelancers to get my business under way. .

One of every five employee worldwide works from home, Reuters Stats’ I prepared a plan to meet the freelancers face to face before hiring them, but it was an expensive option. However, by meeting freelancers physically, one can judge how productive these freelancers can be for your company. Modern technology was important in the absence of physical meeting to keep the freelancers motivated for the given task. The management of virtual team was another challenging task because I was looking for a team of at least 20 freelancers including web designers, programmers, developers, content writers, online marketing managers etc. I was eyeing a much diversified communication channel and Phone was not a bad option. I found ease of use, advanced features and unparalleled communication at Solution Inn, an emerging web portal for freelancing and outsourcing. The job seems quite easier with this website because it helps me to set my own pace and strides to deliver exceptionally. Solution Inn provides opportunity to implement real time ideas instantly with the help of talented freelancers. Additionally, it is important to give freelancers a clear indication of what is going on and what is coming next. Make them realize they are important for you and engage them in your strategies. For all these things to happen, we need company’s communication channel sound enough to overcome any delay. Amenities like telephonic call, chat software and SMS alerts for clients and freelancers in a freelance marketplace are very essential these days. Employers like the flexibility to hire and manage for their business because it gives the freedom to utilize the in house resources efficiently and cut the cost to considerable margin. I enjoyed the privilege of best outsourcing experience by expanding and dealing the workforce virtually and get the results in my favor.

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