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Emily Stone on September 29, 2015 - 12:38 pm in Hiring Talent

What do you see in the logo of FedEx? Why has it captured and attracted the attention of you and millions more for so many years? Let’s turn back time to year 1994, just as Lindon Leader (the author of the logo) was about to present his logo design to senior Federal Express (now known as FedEx) executives. Who would have thought that this simple logo with just about 2 color blends on it would have impress Federal Express CEO and would capture people’s minds into the “Aha!” moment and in effect make the company more popular. It’s the hidden and almost subtle arrow in between the word E and x. It’s also the fact that the forward arrow represents the goal of the company or any other company for that matter; To keep moving forward. It’s no surprise therefore that the people behind this popular design were all passionate individuals and skilled on creative artistry.

So why bother if you have a good logo or not? Or if you even have a logo in the first place! It’s because it defines you or your company as an organization. Let’s say that you were just starting your company. You arranged “everything”. Physical office? Checked! Manpower sourcing? Checked! And it’s done! Or so you thought. Now let’s say you have a few regular clients but they kind of like stop for a while in getting your services for some reasons. But as soon as they wanted to make business with you again, you are no longer in your physical office location. You moved to another place! Your client searched your company’s name on Google but it returned a number of companies with the same name and with almost the same services being offered. Now your client is in a state of dilemma. Will he choose another one or will he just keep looking for you till he finds you? I bet he would have gone the most cost effective way at that moment and that is to search another company that offers the same services he used to get from you. A good logo design thus separates you from the flock of birds. It sets your company apart from the rest. This visual item becomes the label by which your regular and future clients will identify you with. It is therefore of no surprise that even if we see the logo of a well-known beverage drink like Coke, we immediately know it’s Coke even from a faraway distance.

Creation of a logo is not as easy as work in the park so to speak. You have to be creative or hire someone who is one. Why? For your company’s success partly lies on it. What stands out between a simple logo with just the company name and the FedEx one is the creativity to insert a subtle element on it and yet at the same time represent part of what the company is about; Move forward! Create a logo that falls short of creativity and imagination and it can mean a failure to even move the company forward.

So you decided to finally setup your logo but don’t have the talent of a creative artist to begin it. You just have an idea of what you want but can’t put the puzzle together? Well, you have come to the right place! We have a large pool of creative talents whose passion is in graphic designs including logo creation. Not only are they passionate about it but their track record will speak for themselves as to how their creative geniuses drove them to where they are now. So gather your ideas, browse from the hundreds of passionate designers at Solution Inn and let the creative geniuses within them unleash the best logo for your company!

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