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Pokémon Go: Get fit the fun way!
Jason Sturidge on July 24, 2016 - 7:09 am in Uncategorized

Have you heard of the latest hype in the app world, or do you still own a telephone that works with a rotary dial? Yes, Pokémon Go, the latest infusion of reality and the digital world has arrived on iTunes with a bang and users all over the world can’t wait to slam their finger onto the download button. The phenomenal animated series Pokémon has returned in the spotlight with a bang and people who had never even been part of the Pokémon fandom are now trying to get to know more about it. From memorizing their names to dressing up as cosplays of the main characters, people are entering into the realm of the Japanese anime. It’s amazing that the background for the game is the actual ground on which you’d stand! Yes, Pokémon Go allows the player to walk around the streets, malls, restaurants and many other locations in order to spot a Pokémon casually standing in front of you. It could either be a charmander standing on your kitchen counter, or a Bulbasaur standing besides your boss’s arm chair. Apart from being so addictive, it’s ironic how the app encourages you to get active and move around more.

It Encourages You to Get Out More

You can collect all sorts of Pokémon’s roaming around outside your house. The app features a tracker that lets you identify which location has a bigger population of scattered Pokémons. You wouldn’t believe how far you’ll walk just to get the chance of using one of your pokeballs.

You Might Consider Joining the Gym

The remarkable feature in this app is that you can train your Pokémon in real gyms! First of all, you will be included in a specific team. After that you can detect all the gyms situated in your area and can find the one where your team would train their Pokémon’s as well. You can find your team’s gym by seeing a symbol with a color of your team.

You’ll Get More Active without Even Realizing It

You’d be so preoccupied in spotting a Pokémon that you wouldn’t even notice that you just walked three or four miles. The continuous wandering would be highly beneficial for your health and is also likely to reduce heart problems.

So next time when you’re having a night out with all your friends or family members, be sure to keep an eye on a sneaky Pokémon lurking around the streets and grab it before the other player does!

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Pokémon Go: Get fit the fun way!
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