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Emily Stone on September 30, 2015 - 1:32 pm in Hiring Talent

So as you can tell by the title, this article is orientated towards you Apple folk, but if you are an Android fan then this can also help you. The question is: why are iOS apps  which are built by online workers an awesome idea? Well, there are many good points and reasons. Listed below are my favorite reasons.
If I asked you to go through all your apps on your device and pinpoint each app that was built by a big company or a group of Freelancers would you know? Most of you, if not all of you would say, no. Some of the best apps are built by virtual workers, some of these apps include PayPal’s own app, an app called Bento which allows you to organise every single detail of your life, and even SketchBook Mobile is built by Freelancers.
Hopefully by now I have your attention and this is where things become interesting. Using online freelancers can benefit you financially. Why?
Well when you hire a freelance iOS developer, you will notice many things:

The first and the most common factor while hiring an online worker is affordability. Freelancer’s prices are more convenient and cheaper compared to bigger companies. Virtual workers don’t have to worry about travel costs to get to work if they work from home.

Online freelancers have their own hours and days that they work, so there is no time constraint of normal business hours. If you want, you can give a Freelancer a task at the start of the business week and find that when you get back to work at the beginning of the next week, you will have an assignment handed in which allows your project to carry-on at warp speed. Therefore flexibility is another essential element in remote hiring. Freelancers have a sense of immediacy, wanting to get the job done as fast as possible. Most remote workers know that if they complete the job within the specified time frame then they get paid without losing money and can move onto the next job. With companies which employ full-time staff, your project is less likely to be completed on time as the staff get paid regardless whether the job is done or not, this means that concept of Immediacy is lost.

Good Freelancers have a ton of experience from working on different projects, this creates diversity and creativity. So you when employing one of these Freelancers your project will benefit from all their knowledge and skill, better yet after they complete a task their arsenal of skills will increase. So it is a win-win for everyone.Freelancers are independent, they are used to working on their own and will know what to do when you give them all the required information to complete the task.So even after reading all of that you are still not convinced, well then here is another reason why you should use freelancers.
Corporate Giants use Freelancers. What!? Yes, you read correctly Corporate giants use Freelancers, as you probably read earlier on in the article, companies like PayPal, About.com, GoPro, Nintendo and even Wal-Mart among many use Freelancers. So if these giants use Freelancers, why aren’t you? They have enough money to hire whoever they want, but yet they use Freelancers.
So to recap what was said, there are many benefits to using Freelancers because they are affordable, highly diverse and experienced workers, who get better after every project they do. They also work flexible hours and have a high sense of immediacy to get you job done properly and as quickly as possible, to make you and themselves money.
So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose.  Browse from thousand of talented iOS app developers to make best enterprising app for your business with new app distribution methods and new counting customers.

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