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Willing to Reinvent your Selfie? Try Prisma!
Jason Sturidge on July 26, 2016 - 8:37 am in Uncategorized

The time has arrived to raise the selfie game! All you trend thirsty picture clicking addicts out there can really amp up your skills by downloading the new Prisma feature on your phones. This photo editing tool has been created by the wonders of artificial intelligence. The app can modify your snap into a worth-seeing piece of art. You will the way it redesigns your boring selfie with its funky features and artsy filters! And don’t even think for a minute that Prisma is no different than all the other mediocre edting apps in the stores. So what makes Prisma so exceptional?

A Prisma Beauty is a Joy Forever

Worried about not being photogenic? Just download prisma and see the magic! The effects turn you into a flawless avatar radiating with flamboyant patterns of colors that make you feel like you’re not from this planet. Does the app qualify in turning your picture overa new leaf? You bet it does! The captivating filters add new colors in your selfie by proffering a new range of artistic filters that are unusual. For instance, flame flower, redhead, candy mosaic, etc. The app also offers features that turn your pictures into portraits. So next time when you take a random click while eating your dinner, consider your portrait to be painted by the ghost of Leonardo Da Vinci.

What Does the App Offers?

Well, the latest Prisma app offers the removal of watermarks from the edited picture that doesn’t make you itsmarketer. And don’t even think about worrying about your snaps getting leaked on the internet. The app is a dream come true for the users who are quite conscious about the privacy issues. The “Internet Protocol Address” (IP address) saves users from all sorts of identity thieft. The app also includes the autosave feature, so you don’t have to worry about accidently losing your work of art.

Where to Find It?

If you’re an android user you’d probably wondering for the past weeks, “How is the Prisma any good for me?” Well you’re in for a surprise. Yes, Android users can too avail the features of this app too. Downloading the app is just a piece of cake! You can easily go through your Istore or Play Store to access the app. So what are you waiting for? Go grab the filters of prisma and reveal the inner artist inside you that has been waiting to get out.

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Willing to Reinvent your Selfie? Try Prisma!
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