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Your Playlist Could Actually Affect Your Study
Jason Sturidge on July 22, 2016 - 11:30 am in Tips for Freelancers

Music and studies, don’t you think they belong to two opposite worlds? Actually, the answer is a no! Many researchers have concluded that music can help you focus in your studies and enhance your learning capabilities. I have tried listening music while solving mathematical problems, believe me, I was stunned to see the unexpected results! Music helped me remain calm yet the tricky problems didn’t piss me off. Keeping aside my experiences, many researchers have conducted researches in this regard to determine the role of music in academic learnings.

Does Music Improve Your Memory?

A recent analysis was conducted to prove that whether music helps in improving one’s recall memory or not. So, the results went totally in favor of music that it does amplify the recall memory of an individual.. Hence, it could be legit to say that students could recall the things better through a particular song.

What Type of Music should I Listen?

Certain genres of music contribute a bit more cognitive functions of the brain. Let’s list up the genres which can become a helping hand for learners:

  • Baroque classical music can boost up your mind and treat you with productive outcomes.
  • Music having 60 beats per minute can also serve your brain with electrifying impulses.
  • Slow or ambient genres are composed to keep your brain in a subconscious state. It also generates a harmonious surrounding around you and make you feel out of this world.
  • The contemporary genres like; New Age, Trip-hop, Ambient Trance etc. exhibits a chill out effect to satisfy your brain and keeps you focus.
  • Enos is the genre, which is also coined as “Music for Airports” as it was composed to calm the travelers. It also proved to generate a peaceful effect to your brain that aids in enhancing your recall memory.

Choose Your Playlist Wisely

The best approach would be analyzing what type of music would help you accelerate your memory? Collection of electrifying and peaceful songs, both can be an energy booster for your brain. We shouldn’t deny the fact that sometimes music can totally distract you from your path and captivate all your attention towards the lyrics and composition. This can be a disaster especially while studying. While others sedate you and make you sleep like a log. Hence, choose your playlist wisely! Construct a playlist that have no space for songs that can jazz you up enough for a persistent and tedious study session.

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Your Playlist Could Actually Affect Your Study
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