Question: Bob Wrinkle the Department of Education s chief analyst is interested

Bob Wrinkle, the Department of Education’s chief analyst, is interested in explaining the percentage of Hispanic teachers that are employed by 130 large urban school districts. He hypothesizes that the percentage of Hispanic teachers is positively related to the percentage of Hispanics in the population (X1), the percentage of school administrators who are Hispanic (X2), and the percentage of whites who live below poverty (X3). The last is related to his controversial “po white trash” theory that the Anglo establishment is willing to accept Hispanic teachers rather than Anglo teachers from lower class backgrounds. He gets the following regression:
 = –2.80 + .12X1 + .53X2 + .47X3
sb = .044 .041 .121
R2 = .86 Sy|x = 4.3
Interpret the intercept, slopes, and R2. Evaluate each of the hypotheses. What is the expected percentage of Hispanic teachers in Sacramento with 19 percent Hispanic population, 10 percent Hispanic administrators, and 21 percent whites living in poverty? How can a district attract more Hispanic teachers?

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